Our Sole Sponsor!

We are grateful to The Hamish Ogston Foundation (HOF) for their continuing support of our Oxford toxinology meetings. HOF is a charitable foundation driven by a desire to contribute to lasting change, across three pillars: Health, Heritage and Music. Taking advantage of the commercial knowledge of its Founder, Hamish Ogston, and an experienced group of advisors, the Foundation introduces new disciplines and generates wider visions on impactful, fiscally prudent and longer-term giving.

The HOF is particularly committed to supporting and raising awareness of some lesser-known  and preventable health issues, in particular snakebite. Having recognised the devastating  impact snakebite can have, the Foundation aims to alleviate suffering by sponsoring high-quality antivenom research, and has recently committed to support research in three of the Asian countries worst affected by this neglected tropical disease. This will include hospital treatment of snakebite victims and first aid as well as support for studies into the effectiveness and safety of currently available and recently developed antivenoms.

Hamish Ogston CBE is an active philanthropist, supporting a range of initiatives related to health, heritage and music in and outside of the UK. Hamish was awarded his CBE in 2011 for services to business and the community in York