Venoms and Toxins 2020 Virtual

Venoms and toxins: Toxinology in Shut-down

Due to COVID-19-related international travel restrictions and the continuing need for physical-distancing, Venoms and Toxins 2020 meeting will now be held virtually. The meeting will provide a rare platform in this year of shut-down for presenting new research in front of a supportive, if virtual, audience, with opportunity, as always, for constructive discussion.

Our key priority scientific areas for this meeting include:

  • Human envenoming: designing clinical trials for antivenom therapeutic intervention
  • Basic science and toxin-receptor interaction
  • Behaviour and distribution of venomous species
  • New techniques for analysing venoms and antidotes (venomics, antivenomics)
  • Treatment of envenoming: role of charities and NGOs
  • Discovering unexpectedly venomous animals
  • The promise of venom enzyme inhibitors
  • Plant toxins
  • Bacterial toxins, including cyanobacteria

The meeting will run over two days, with a 3-4 hour session each day, consisting of invited presentations by senior scientists, and submitted short presentations by emerging researchers and students. There will also be an opportunity to present posters digitally.

We particularly invite emerging toxinologists – final year doctoral students and early/mid career postdoctoral researchers/junior group leaders – to submit abstracts for short oral and poster presentations to benefit from this unique opportunity. Please use this Abstract Template if you are submitting an abstract and send it by email to