About the Journal

Submission of a manuscript to the journal implies that no part of the manuscript has been previously published in any language in a permanent archive, or the whole manuscript or any part of the manuscript is being considered for publication by another journal, or it violates anyone’s copyrights or any other rights. Reproduction of tables and figures from previously published articles must accompany written permission from the copyright holder(s) and should be provided at the time of manuscript submission. Authors must also submit any closely-related manuscripts in press or submitted for publication to another journal. The corresponding/senior author is responsible for obtaining permission of manuscript submission from all co-authors, and for ensuring that all co-authors are in complete agreement with the contents of the manuscript and its authorship. It is also assumed that authors have complied with all ethical and privacy guidelines and/or legislation concerning the submitted work – particularly related to the use of human or animal subjects and cloning research. If the work is multidisciplinary, all collaborators must ensure that they have the appropriate measures in place to check the accuracy of their part of the data. The corresponding/senior author has the overall responsibility for the accuracy of the data presented in the manuscript. However, each author also has direct responsibility for the contents of the paper. Editors have the right to accept or reject an article solely on whether it fits the scope and guidelines of the journal.

Submission of a manuscript to the journal implies that the author(s) fully agree to and understand the terms and conditions, and accept the policies of the journal described under the tab ‘For Authors’.

Distribution of materials: Publication in this journal assumes that authors are prepared to provide, at reasonable costs, on request any reported strains, cell line, clones, molecules, etc., developed in their laboratories that are not commercially available, to colleagues in other academic, medical and non-profit research institutions. Authors are strongly encouraged to deposit biological materials like plasmids to centralized public repositories such as Addgene (https://www.addgene.org).

Authors may also consult the uniform guidelines on the various ethical issues, the use of units of measurement, abbreviations and symbols, etc., set out by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors on http://www.icmje.org.